Whether it is for a charity event, a colloquium of any other reunion for which you need a photographer for the night, think of SPEQ Photo


Our photographer will be there before the ceremony to take pictures of the preparation, he will be there to get you a souvenir of the most important moment in your life, and he will stay after the ceremony to make sure nothing is left unnoticed.


SPEQ Photo will go into your elderly residence to take pictures of everyone. We can event produce a mosaic if you want to.


SPEQ Photo captures and prints your passport pictures in less than 10 minutes.


Come alone, with your family or your friends and take as many pictures as you want directly in our studios with a professional photographer. Please take an appointment in advance. 

First communion and confirmation

SPEQ Photo goes to churches to take pictures of every members of the celebration during the ceremony and in front of the church before or after the event.

To get more information or to obtain a quotation, please contact us