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Why is SPEQ Photo offering touch ups on their order form?

SPEQ Photo must offer touch ups due to the high demand from the clients.

Due to the large amount of pictures taken in one day in the school pictures area, it unfortunately happens that there are some mistakes or some pictures, whether it’s due to the lighting, flares in the glasses, etc.

More over, due to the fact pictures are taken during school hours, parents are not on site to make sure their clothes and skin are clean, after lunch time or recess. Eventhough our team of photographers on site do their best to avoid those mistakes before taking the pictures, it might happen that some stains or other accidental imperfections are taken on picture.

Our team of graphist makes sure to perform no physical alteration of anykind, but only minor touch ups for accidental imperfections when the pictures are taken.

What type of touch ups can be done at SPEQ Photo?
  • Flare in your glasses
  • Shadows
  • Food or other stains on clothes and skin
  • Bubble gum
  • Eye closed
  • Hair over the face
  • Folded clothes
  • Red skin (ex : after physical education class)
Who can receive a gift certificate in grade schools.?

Professors and members of the direction that have taken their photo can receive a gift certificate that will be distributed with the order form

Volunteers helping the photographer during the photo day can receive a gift certificate that will be distributed on the photo day by the sales representative or the photographer

Why can’t I go to payment in the eStore?

Make sure you have completely fill out your profile before proceeding to payment. If the profile is incomplete, it will be impossible to make the payment.

Make sure you have reach the minimal order amount written on the top right.

If the problem remains, please contact us

When my order will be ready?

Please log into your account in and go in the tabĀ My Orders and from there you will see the status of your order