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Starting from their first steps in kindergarten until the moment they receive their doctorate, SPEQ Photo is there at every step of their journey Kindergarten-Grade School - High School- Cegep and Universities to capture those precious momentsLearn more
Your players  soccer, baseball, football, figure skating, dance, cheerleading, hockey, tennis are going to be the Olympians of the future or maybe they simply want to enjoy the fun of sportsmanship. Why not ask SPEQ Photo to help you create precious memoriesLearn more
You need a photographer for your event Congress, Colloquium, General assembly ? You need someone to create and print your ID Cards or business cards Personal cards, fidelity cards, security cards ? SPEQ Photo is the solution to everything. We can even help you with printing your banners! Large size poster on canevas, sports banners and flags, etc. ?  Learn more